The Naughty Clock

The Naughty Clock


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This wall clock is perfect to be hanged in your bedroom, and it'll be a great gift if you and your partner are still very much in love and are very fun loving and enjoys to be naughty with each other sometimes. This is the right choice for your lover, also it is a little bit funny but really an amazing one. The clock is made up of medium-density fibreboard, is available in both square shape with dimensions of 20cmx20cm and round shape with 20cm diameter, the choice of shape is to be made by you as custom option is available. Also, you can choose what type of clock you want either hanging or table top with stand.

■  Material: Medium-Density MDF board
■   Shape1: Square(8 x 8 inch)
■   Shape2: Round(Diameter: 8 inch)
■   Hanging & Table Top Both available
■   Thickness:3mm

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size/8 inches

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