Customized Arcylic painting - Special Gift

Customized Arcylic painting - Special Gift


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Get a custom portrait of yourself, with a friend, partner or your kid(s), or your whole family!

This product is initially digitally painted, getting verified with customer. Then the canvas painting is done using acrylic paint, 3D markers. Finishing work is a painting. Once the artwork is done, we will get it reviewed by you before finalizing which can be checked in the Track Order page. We have super express delivery vis bus service which costs lesser than the super express home delivery option. This is available only to few cities. Contact us to avail this option. Any queries, do Whatsapp 7981560024 or Call Us.


How does it work?
The portrait is drawn based on a photo that you upload during checkout.

How can I upload the photo that the portrait will be based on?
You can upload it during checkout. You are only allowed to upload 1 picture, so if you want a portrait of more than 1 person, make sure that all of the people are in the uploaded photo. The photo needs to be in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format and has to be smaller than 2 MB.

How long does it take before I receive my portrait?
You will receive your portrait within 5 days after you complete your order. If you need it sooner, please contact us.

What if I want you to use specific colors, or other details?
If you have any specific requests, please mention them in the ‘Order notes’ section during checkout!

Can I choose from different options?
Yes. A ‘standard’ portrait is of 1 person with a background of 1 color. If you would like us to draw you together with a friend, your partner or kid, or perhaps even your whole family – you can select the number of people in the picture. Each additional person costs additional.

This would be best Gift to fill walls with Memories that last Forever with your personal touch and crafted with creative hands.



size/12x8 inches- Rs.1150/12x10 inches- Rs.1350/18x12 inches1850/24x18 inches- Rs.2480/4ftx2ft- Rs.5300

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